The Baddest Badge In Washington, DC

Last summer, Dilnavaz spent a week in Washington as part of a graduate course in her program in Information Sciences at UTK. I took the boys to visit her over a long late July weekend. On a steaming Saturday morning we sought out the Henry Folger Shakespeare Library, which had long been on Dil’s bucket list. After spending a few hours staring at rare folios under glass, I wandered into the lobby to scratch a few notes in my journal; a stiff-backed, college-ruled legal pad with a worn manilla cover I’ve taped on. The cover itself reads, in my left-handed scrawl: Burukindu Dream Phonograph — the working title of a piece of fiction I’ve been growing lately — more on this in a few years.

I finished my note and glanced up to see the intersection of dues paying and literary cred. This, true believers, is one tough uniform:

Folger Shakespeare Security Badge